Texas Pecan Butter Recipe

 We had so many pecans on our huge wonderful Texas pecan trees this year, that I gave away about 60 lbs and still had about 30 lbs to freeze, can and make wonderful Christmas goodies to add to my Christmas baskets this year, including bags of unshelled pecans.

I'm sooo excited to share them!
(it's the little things, hehe)

My mother loves pecans.  In fact, it's her favorite.  Since her diabetes diagnoses, she eats peanut butter on toast almost every morning.  I thought it might be a nice change if she had homemade nut butter made from her favorites to go in her Christmas Goodie Basket.

K, ya'll... so here's what I came up with; and believe me when I say that this is
the-most-delicious-nut-butter I've ever tasted.  
I'm sure it didn't hurt that I started with big, sweet, meaty Texas pecans.

I store mine in cannin' jars in the fridge, but if you want to store in the pantry, process the jars in a water bath for 10 minutes.  
(just to be on the safe side)



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  1. That sounds so good!

    1. AwaydownSouth, It is YUMMY if I say so myself. (smile) ... and so easy to make! Checked out your blog. Pretty cool. Thanks so much for visiting. Come back soon. (bigger smile) Gammy/Tammy