Wild Edibles Series- Pickled Dandelion Buds (Mock Capers)

Let's eat some Dandelions!  

Ya Wanna?

(yep, I've definitely lived in TX a while!)
Here's another recipe in the Wild Edibles Series...

Pickled Dandelion Buds
(Mock Capers)

These delectable little Mock Capers  are fantastic... that is if you like pickled food as much as I do.  
And they're SO easy to make, you don't even need a recipe.  


Remember the Dandelion Vinegar recipe?  These are the flower buds remaining after straining the Dandelion vinegar.  

(I'm such a frugal cook!}  

You can use them as you would plain 'ol dill pickles... cut up in chicken salad, egg or potato salad; even my Deviled Egg recipe (posting soon).  You can also eat them my themselves or toss a few in your sandwich, if you like pickles in your sandwich.  And then...using them in place of real capers is a given, hence the recipe title.  

Note:  Capers are the immature flower buds of the European caper bush. (Capparis spinosa)  I also make Mock Capers with Nasturtium pods, which look more like capers and have a slightly mustard flavor much like real capers.  I use the same method to pickle them. 

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