Fire Balls- Hot Pickled Green Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

My parents grew up in West Virginia in the 30’s and 40’s at a time when everyone grew their own food to feed their families.  The green tomatoes were harvested right before a big freeze.  This is one of our favorite recipes.

Fire Balls

14 lb Small green cherry tomatoes
4 Garlic cloves
4 Celery stalks
4 Hot red peppers
4 Heads dill
1 qt water
1/2 c pickling salt
2 qt white vinegar

Pack 3 1/2 lbs. cherry tomatoes in hot quart jars. To each quart, add a garlic clove, a celery stalk, a hot red pepper, and a head of dill. Combine water, pickling salt and vinegar. Boil. Fill jars to 1/2" from top. Process 10 minutes in boiling water bath. 


  1. Gosh! You are amazing! I really want to try these cherry tomatoes except I am growing grape tomatoes this year. I wonder if that would work.

    1. Hi Henny Penny!!! So nice to hear from you. I've been so busy these last few months that I'm afraid I've fallen behind on reading my favorite blogs... yours being one of them. I need to check in on sweet Lynn too! :)

      What a compliment... especially coming from you! Thanks so much!

      I don't see why the grape tomatoes wouldn't work. You might want to wait a little longer before opening them after canning, but If I were growing grape tomatoes I'd sure try it.

      If you do, let me know how they turned out. OK?